Women's Heritage Walk


In Brief

The Women’s Heritage Walk is an annual walk that was launched in 2015 by American author and licensed counselor, Jody J. Ballard. The Walk emerged as an unexpected result of research on the history of the United Arab Emirates for her book Whispers from the Sand. As a heartfelt tribute to the women founders of the UAE, Jody built a modern and ever-growing tribe of “sand sisters”.

Four Pillars

Culture & Heritage

Culture is imbued in daily rites and traditions. To truly learn about a country, it is important to understand and take in the beauty of the UAE not just intellectually, but through all our senses. The Women’s Heritage Walk aims to highlight the UAE’s cultural and historical landmarks, its authentic folklore and traditions, and the remarkable legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan AI Nahyan. In 2018, we will focus our journey around the Year of Zayed and help our participants learn more about the Father of the Nation.

Health & Wellness

Two months of physical training and desert treks build physical stamina among our walkers. The arduous physical and mental training program serve to promote positive lifestyle changes. This experience is not only for those training and completing the challenge. Family, friends, co-workers, and anyone connected to a walker will benefit vicariously. By watching their transformation, giving encouragement, and experiencing their difficulties and pride of accomplishment - everyone benefits.

Community Building

In our technologically connected world, we are more disconnected from people than ever. The Women’s Heritage Walk serves as an opportunity to learn about women from other countries. Proximity, shared hardships, and kindness creates an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. The Walk creates an incredible sand sisterhood when they motivate each other in hard times, laugh heartily, and share the same vision of connectivity, adaptability and tolerance.

Strength and Leadership

Individual strength is built from the inside - out and begins the moment we step away from our comfort zone. When limitations are tested, and fears overcome, participants learn they can negotiate obstacles and unleash their full potential in all aspects of their personal wellness: physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Basics FAQs

Dates: January 2021

What’s included:
6 days, 5 nights of adventure in the UAE desert
8 weeks of physical fitness training with certified desert guides
4 nights stay in an authentic Bedouin campsite
15 meals
Social events in the lead up to the walk
Support of WHW team of 8 organizers
10 crew members for campsite management
Medical support during the walk
Support of 4x4 follow cars to ensure walker safety
Event t-shirt
Ending celebration for friends and family
Lifetime membership in a unique and supportive group of sand sisters and a life changing journey

Package price: AED6000