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Creative novels through the eyes of an artist and therapist

A Little Teaser

Numbed by unthinkable cruelty, Elizabeth holds her dying husband and child in her arms.  With few resources and fewer choices in her 1880's homestead of Montana, Elizabeth escapes with only the family horse to form a new life. In four short years, she embarks on a courageous journey back to her true self and charts a path for other desperate women. This poignant and realistic look at how five diverse women find themselves face down in the mud of life and struggle to piece together a meaningful future while trying not to surrender their souls.

Their personal stories intermingle with of a modern-day sixteen-year-old who discovers Elizabeth’s hidden diaries. She learns more about herself and her ancestry than she wanted.  

This historical novel is set in the 1880s Silver Mining town of Granite deep in the mountains of Montana. Granite was a vibrant town but tragically existed for only 12 years.

Readers are prompted to consider:

     "What life circumstances could cause a woman to fall to the lowest place a woman can go?"

     "What would women need to regain self-respect and dignity and how would her life be judged one hundred years later by her great-granddaughter?

Readers who enjoy not only a good story but also appreciate a deeper understanding of human behavior and profound psychological motivations of characters will relish this novel.



The search for meaning in life transcends culture, prejudice, and fear.

Yadde, an irascible Bedouin grandfather, prepares to die while endeavoring to pass his legacy on to those he loves. His eldest grandson Saeed cares for him in his last months. They have experienced very different lives but over time Saeed listens to understand, and their voices blend.

Through the eyes of this dying man looking at the world with new clarity, we glean the context of the rapid changes he witnessed during his lifetime and the developing history of the United Arab Emirates.

This remarkable transformation is a portrayal of the delicate beauty held within the mundane tasks of daily struggles. This family is not only coping with death but also with the loss of the safety and comfort of a simple lifestyle.

Whispers From The Sands weaves compelling stories of one man's insights set against the vibrant Emirati culture. Behind the spirited voice of this patriarch, we hear the timbre of sentiments and values of the strong women in his life. They are quiet and less public, yet vibrant, well educated and substantive. Love, respect, loyalty, and relationships are addressed as Yadde gently guides his family in his kind and crafty manner.

This portrait of the UAE reminds readers of its traditions and a code of behavior borne from the hardships of the desert never to be forgotten.

A Novel inspired by The Women's Heritage Walk

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