What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Everything she does comes from a place of kindness."

AKA - "How Did She End Up Writing Novels"

Most authors have works in progress, Jody Ballard considers herself a work in progress. She has slowly grown into the title - artist, loving all things unique.

Relentless curiosity, open with a quirky humor, and a fearless empathy in the face of the true nature of mankind. All our life experiences are growth producing, even the ugly painful ones. Jody dares to embrace  issues of the heart even those we shamefully hide. Her strength of writing comes from courageously poking her finger into quirky human dynamics. Jody accepts and embraces all people from an inherent unwavering belief that as humans we are flawed; wonderfully so. In those cracks and flaws, our unique beauty emerges. She recognizes and embraces human quirks, and describes them in a way that allows readers to attach at the heart. Her writing is honest and fearless, embracing human dynamics with an honest ferocity.

Her words enter our heart and allow our minds to attach allowing alternate more positive paths to emerge. Words move gracefully, almost poetically across the pages and make perfect sense. 

Here are the TOP ten things she would like you to know about her view of life. 

  1. I cannot believe I have been married for decades to a man who still gives me butterflies in my stomach when he walks into a room 
  2. Everyday I watch the sunset and look for the green flash. It reminds me of the beauty of the world and the beauty of change and imperfection. 
  3. I love talking to people in elevators. We always leave smiling and feeling a little more connected in the world. 
  4. I still slide around in the bathtub when the water has gone and a slight film of lavender oil remains. 
  5. I am proud to have been raised by a Montana cowboy and a strong pioneer woman. They taught me believe in myself and that I am only as good as my word. It is old fashioned, but I expect people to tell me the truth. 
  6. I accept and embrace all people from an inherent, unwavering belief that as humans we are flawed; wonderfully so! I am quirky, so I attach quickly to ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE.
  7. I have a back log of creativity waiting to be set free from my cluttered mind.
  8. I love lists but have a hard time with strict rules (i.e. number 11 of ten item list) 
  9. There are three global nomads who are as strong as they are kind and as creative as they are environmentally aware.  They are our proof of the goodness of life.
  10. If a relationships remains shallow, I would rather take a hard pass.
  11. My life's work remains counseling and coaching. My journey to this place included bus driving, lifeguarding, selling cars, and teaching English, Math, Psychology 


The Details

Jody also writes with the deep knowledge and experience from having worked as a licensed clinical therapist for over thirty years. Her rich and varied understanding of human behavior and relentless curiosity imbues her writing with unique insight into the dynamic nature of relationships.


Ms. Jody Ballard is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Certified Wellness Coach, and a former Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. She worked in this profession of helping individuals, families and couples for over 25 years. Her career as a helping professional has spanned multiple venues from Domestic Violence Shelters, an In-Patient Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital, a community crisis consultant, Red Cross Disaster Relief Mental Health  to a High School Counseling, Teaching Health and Sex Education and French from Warsaw, Poland to Rome, Italy.

She continues to work in this field in private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii since 2017. She is originally from Montana, but worked and lived in Europe and the Middle East since 1991.  Ms. Ballard thoroughly enjoys her chosen profession and continues to be amazed with the incredible goodness of people and their ability to overcome adversity.

She recognized early in her profession that worst day of most people's lives was the day they needed to call her. She set about trying to develop proactive programs to teach, educate and inspire. Storytelling, she recognized as a milieu where the hypnotic state of reading allows people to take from a novel those things which might help them

Her first novel THE SMELL OF MUD is available on Amazon. Her second novel, Whispers From the Sands  will be available soon

More Information About Jody

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Education /Certifications



• Certificate of Advance Graduate Studies – Counseling Psychology – Boston University(1982)
• Masters Degree – Counseling Psychology – Boston University(1980)
• Bachelor’s Degree – Psychology – University of Maryland (1978)


• US National Certification in Counseling (NCC #16429) since 1987 www.nbcc.orgamp;www.counseling.org
• US Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC #611, Montana) since 1995 (verification site: www.discovermontana.org)
• US Certification as a Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor (ICADC # 132) since 1998 www.icrcaoda.org
Certified Wellness Coach (#01690) www.wellcoaches.com


Individual TherapyMarriage and Relationship Counseling
Spouse and Child Abuse Treatment and Prevention
Trauma Recovery (PTSD), Rape and Sexual Assault
Anxiety Grief Eating Disorders Autism Spectrum Disorders
Family Therapy – specifically working with addiction issues
Child and Adolescent Therapy
Women’s Issues Alcohol and Drug Abuse Recovery
Coaching and Mentoring
Training and Educational Programs

Seminars and Speaking Engagements

January 2013 – Emirates Writer’s Union – Creativity and Depression

February 2013 – American Women’s Network: The Smell of Mud: An Introduction

April 2013 – American Community School: Understanding Adolescent Brain Development

November 2013 – European Branch of the American Counseling Association Conference: Creating and Maintaining HealthyRelationships and The Neuroscience of Creativity

November 2013 – American Community School: Helping Adolescents Cope With Stress

March 5-9, 2014 – Dubai LIterary Festival: Women’s Wellness Panel AND Self Care and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

March 5, 2014 – Greenfield Community School Dubai.  Growing Into Your Best Self: Positive Coping For A Lifetime

April 14, 2014 – AmCham Abu Dhabi Women in Business. Monday Motivational Meeting / Mentoring

Will you be writing other books.

--> "Yes. I have already started writing an curious novel about a man who is buried 54 years after his death. Intrigued?"

Are you available for book signings? 

--> "Yes, always, I enjoy meeting and speaking with people. I also offer postcards and/or bookmarks at book signings."

I would love for you to attend and /or speak at my book club!

--> "I enjoy speaking engagements. Please send requests via the contact form on this website."