Strategic Wellness Group


Promoting Life Balance Through Positive Life Change


To promote life balance and wellness through positive change. We commit to providing professional, customized and collaborative interventions through training, coaching and counseling.


Strategic Wellness Systems believes knowledge is a formidable tool in transforming life challenges into successful benchmarks. In collaboration with clients, we deliver excellence in a customized approach to positively influence the multiple complex personal and business systems influencing all aspects of our lives. We have the utmost confidence in the profound power of individuals to enact change. We strive to become the premier organization of choice for individual, family and business wellness.

"The difficult periods of life provide the best opportunities to gain useful experiences and develop inner strength." Dalai Lama


As dedicated professionals, Strategic Wellness Systems has an unyielding respect for cultural diversity and the dynamic, uniqueness of all relationships. We value: Respect / Professionalism / Integrity / Diversity / Collaboration / Honesty / Open Communication / Leadership / Quality / Kindness / Stewardship

Services Offered by Myself and Dr Roy J Panzarella


Personalized to Community, Organizations, Groups or Individuals

Personal and Organizational Leadership


Toward Your Best Self


Individual Adult and Marriage


Individual, Business, and Community

Interviews FAQs

How did you go from being a therapist to writing?

--> "I worked as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor for over 30 years specializing in relationships. In the early years my focus was on abuse. I understood one of the worst day of a person' s life was the day they had to call me for an appointment. I started to employ education as a prevention mechanism. I have always believed in the goodness of people and that they have inside themselves many of the tools needed to heal. After one seminar a women came up to me and said, "I would love if you wrote all this down in a book I could reference." I started to look at self help books and didn't like the templete approach as each person is so unique. I have always been an avid reader and recognized how I take words of wisdom from characters in a novel with whom I identify. Storytelling has always been a medium to teach relationship skills, values, ethics and morals AND a great vehicle for escape and relaxation. SO I write honest books about real people and hope they offer insights, inspiration or at least entertain."